Wasp Attack!!

Hi guys. so today i am going to tell you about my horrible wasp attack. but before i start i am going to stay that i have come up with an idea and i will tell you this at the end of the blog.

so i all happend around 2013. that was a long time ago but i don’t care. also note that i was around 9 so it was scary for me and my brothers were there they were properly 7 i think or 8. but it all starts with me an my brothers wanting to check our den in the woods.

so i am going to break this story down for you guys because it is slightly complicated. anyway. we have a woods directly at the back of our house. it is my house, the fence to our house, then the woods. so as me and my brother were very adventurous children always used to explore in the woods. there was so many things to discover when you were 9. we had stream walks in this stream down in the sewers. i know that that sound rank but it was actually really fun. we also found water falls and a big dirt hill that was great for sliding down. we also went into the farmers fields that was behind the forest. it was all a big adventure.

so in the woods there was a little clearing about 2 minuets away form our house. it was so beautiful. so we decided to build a wigwam. ( a wigwam is a den built out of sticks.) so we built a wigwam. it was so cool and we decorated it with leaves. so it was our base camp in the wood and where ever we went we would always retreat back to there.

so one day it was just about to be our dinner and we asked ( me and my brother) if we could go check on our den. my mom said ok but just a quick check. so me and my brother ran and pulled on our wellys ( welington boots) and raced for the den. when we were there i grabbed a branch that was on the floor and started sweeping the inside of our den to get rid of all the leaves and tiny twigs. then i turned around to see my bothers with sticks. i called what were they doing. then i noticed. there were a few wasps flying around. ( at this age we didn’t know that wasps could hurt you or even kill you if you were allergic.) my brothers posted to a little hole in the ground and i saw wasp poring out. ( i am not joking they were poring out the hole in the ground. my brothers stared to try to hit them with sticks ( bad ideas) i told then no but they wouldn’t listen.

so i am there sweeping away not a care in the world. then i hear this shriek of pain. i turn around to see my brother on the ground crying. they were being attacked. i stood there for a split second becasue i didn’t know what to do. but then i ran over to my closest brother and started hitting him trying to get the wasps away. that didn’t do much except then to come at me. ( i am a quick thinker at timed like this) so through tears i dragged my brothers ( i mean drag) the down the hill. and i was screaming run, run!!!! so i pushed then over a log. and we took off running. we were all still being stung at this point but i was surprised that i hadn’t actually cried. i remember clearly that we were running and a wasp stung my nose and i was about to cry then the i said to myself ” no” i really didn’t want to worry my brothers. i can remember turning around and seeing a bunch of wasp surrounding our den.

finally we were at home and the wasp had stopped sting us but we knew they were still there. we all ran past the door bell and straight into the back door. i was screaming MUM DAD HELP. they ran to use and my brother were still crying at this moment. i was frantically trying to say what happend in one sentence. so they took of my brothers clothes to check if there was any wasps and actually there was 4 wasp in total that were stuck in my brothers clothing. so my mom rushed them up to the shower. while my dad cheaked me. i was telling him the whole story. i didn’t have to take of my clothes because they were tight fit and a wasp couldn’t get up there. but there was one in my hair. i did freak out then and i stared to ball my eyes out. because it wasn’t a stated of action or anything and i didnt have to be brave anyone.

Our grand total wasp sting count is

Me : 3, one on my back, one on my nose, and one in my ear ( there was also a wasps stinger in there aswell)

Finley : 6 , there was two on his back, three on his arm and one on his neck.

Conner : 7, two on his head, three on his back , one on his arm, and one on his leg.

so i didn’t suffer that bad because i only had had 3 but also my stings just left a little mark. on the other hand my brother had the mark then a green ring around it. i don’t know what that means but they were ok. I like to think that i saved there life because there wasn’t so many wasp at the start but why i was dragging them away there were like 100s. i am not joking. so they might have swarmed around them and killed them if i wasn’t there to drag them away because i grabbed there shirts and pulled them across the ground.

But anyway that is my story of how i was attacked by wasps. ( this was all true i didn’t make up one bit of it) so at the start i mention that i wanted to start something new for my blog. so there is this anime called A Certain Scientific Railgun and let me tell you that it is so amazing. it is about people that have magic powers and fight crime. and i was thinking that i have always dreamed about this place with magical powers and stuff and i thought that i would like to share it with you. That doesn’t mean that i will stop blogging because i am not. it means that if i feel like posting a chapter of my story then i will. they will be in chapters and i will always leave then in a good place and not just post random sentences. so the titles will be Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and so on. so if you come to read my story then they will be the titles. i will give a hint away form the story and it is that the main character is a girl and her power is called the Generator. so that will keep you guys busy until i post the first chapter.

Anyway that was that. comment down below if you liked this blog post or if you have any advice if you have any advice on how i could improve my blog. also comment down below if you like my story idea or have seen A Certain Scientific Railgun because it is totally awesome. Like and follow if you want to hear more crazy stories about my life. BYE 🙂

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Changing The World!!

so yer people are not seeing my blog. that doesn’t matter thought. this (hopefully) will be the shortest blog post ever but i am not promising anything. this blog was going to be about my dreaded wasp attack but i will do that next time beaches i have someone to say to you all that see this blog post. i am going to tell you why i have started a blog.

the reason that i started a blog was that i have had some hard times with friends and family but another reason that i stared a blog is that i have always wanted to change the world and make a difference in someone lives. that has always been my goal in life. some people want to get married and some want a amazing job but i have always wanted to make a difference in someones life. you all might think that i am crazy but i am not.

i wanted to start a youtube account but i didn’t was people to like me on why i look like. i wanted to be a mystery. all these stories are true but i didn’t want people to no my identity. So thats why i wanted to start a blog!!! i can’t actually believe that this blog post isn’t over 1000 words.

so comment down below if you want to talk to me or if you want to give me any advice on how to improve my blog i will be very thankful. Also like and subscribe to be a part of my crazy life!!! BYE 🙂

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A Little Rant

hi guys 🙂

this blog post is going to be a rant about a family member. and he is my dad. in my blogs i haven’t really mentiond him and that for one reason. i not to fond on him. yes, yes i know that he is my father but he is not the nicest in the bunch. he likes to yell and just be very difficult and is really rude. you might think that i am making this stuff up but i swear that i am not.

me and my mom sometime talk about him and all the things he has done. my mom said that she would have left him a long time ago but she says that she needs the money otherwise we would have to move into our grandparents house and have to attend a different school and that we wont have nice things and that stuff. you might thing that is kinda bad but my mom is doing this for us.

sometimes i think that it is not his fault because his dad ( my grandad) is a whole different story. but then i realise that he could have changed to be a nicer person but he stayed the same.  that a scary thing to think about because i don’t want to turn into him or my grandad but i do get quite angry sometimes and have to leave the room before i yell or attack.

his is one of the many reasons that he is sometimes and idiot. i was doing some school work on the computer and i tried to print some pictures. they printed but when i got to look at then there was some lines going through the paper. they were like different colours and they looked weird. i tried to colour the lines in with pencils but it looked really bad and wouldn’t have been enough for my presentation. so i went down stairs and asked my dad if he knew what had happened. he didn’t so he went up stairs to try to fix it. i followed him and went on the family laptop ( i haven’t got one yet but it is my Birthday soon 🙂  but i stared to google what had happened. then after a while i remembered that when i was about to go on the computer that the printer was jammed with some paper and it had smudges of jet black inc. so i told my dad that. he huffed but i knew that it wasn’t me. because i haven’t used the printer in like a week. i stared to google what happened and i found out what happened. when the printer had jammed the inc had goten on to the things that the inc come out of. i told him what had happened. but he wouldn’t listen so i went down stairs after a while my dad came down. he had given up for a while. then he started talking about how the sprinter got jammed in the first place. my mom brothers and dad where out at football so my dad started accusing me saying that it must have just happend but magic then i no one would own up. and he stared directly at me. then i said that i haven’t even been on the computer for a week. then my dad said the he went on last night. i asked my brothers and they said the hadn’t been on for a few days. and my mom doesn’t use the computer she uses the laptop. so by conclusion my dad must have broke the computer. my mom started to defend me but my dad agued back. then my mom said the we all don’t know what happend to the printer so lets all just calm down. and my dad made a mimiking face. i got so mad that i had to storm out the room.

so that my story about my dad. there are many more stories i could tell but that would be overdoing it a little bit. anyway please comment down below if you relate to anything or if you want to give me any advice on how i could improve my blog i would appreciate that alot. if you want to hear some more crazy stories then like and follow please!! BYE:)

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She Said I Had What !!!!

Well two blogs in a day is very interesting. as i don’t have any electronics i am so bored. so basically all i did today was play on my brother Xbox and watch tv. because i am so fit and healthy. this is only a small blog to update you on my soul. It has kinda come back??

it begins with me tidying my room. i am like the laziest person you will ever meet so when my mom asked me to tidy my room i wasn’t so thrilled. but there i one way that i can motivate myself to tidy my room and that is having a competition against myself. the way it works is i have to tidy my room in under 5 minuets. 5 minuets is a lot of time but i always have things thrown everywhere. so i said to my mom ‘ mom please can i have my phone back so i can use the timer so i can do my tidy room competition.’ the only thing i heard was some draws opening and she came into my room bearing my phone in her hands. so i said thanks mom and then she replied with. i think you might have a little bit of autism. my face when blank. i turned around and said what does that mean. i really thought she was saying that as a joke but my mom is a teaching assistant and can tell when people have disabilities. so she started saying that using timers is wat autistic children do. and she also mention my lack of fresh air was another key point.  so i did go down stairs and i cried for about 2 minuets but then stopped.

so that the end of that but anyway she forgot to take my phone so i have that under my bed. also she has seem to have forgotten the fact that i do have a copy of the exact same for ( will tell that story in a different blog) the phone that i don’t use is broken but there are no marks. so if she figures it out i can just slip the fake phone into my cat case and give it to her. then i will have my phone back and she wouldn’t expect a thing. the only problem is that if she tries to turn it on idk what will happen but if she asks then i know that she snoops on my phone so i can change the password 🙂

that’s the end of my short story. please comment down below any advice on how i can improve my blogs and check out my previous blog post . like and follow so you can have more updates on my crazy life. Also THANKS if you have seen this short post:) BYE 🙂

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There Is Always A Way Through !!

so blogging is now my addiction. i have the feeling that i need to blog all the time. when i first stared i really thought that i would blog once a week. but now i just want to get everything out.

Today i am going to blog about something that is really personal and some people might be in the same problem that i was in and still slightly in.

the story started at the beginning of year 6 ( 2 years ago) when i notes i had a spot on my shoulder. I didn’t really think much about it because i thought that i would go away in a few weeks. but it didn’t. finally i told my mom and she said that we would google it. at first we thought it was a skin tag and the internet said to put some tea tree oil on it. we did as it said but after a few weeks some more had started to come and one of then when on my cheek. off all the places!!! if you know what a skin tag is then you know they are not easy to cover up. i was really upset and very self conscience so my mom took me to the doctors about 4-5 months after the first one had appeared. when we were there the doctors said that they were not skin tag. i actually had a virus called molluscum contagiosum and they said that they would go on there own. well they were wrong. all the spots went expect the one on my face (lucky me). it has always be hard because i was always wondering weither my friends sill liked me? And if you are in the same situation i and going to tell the truth. Your friends still like you but they will look at you and all they will see is the spot on your face. but that is no reason to be down. i made the biggest mistake in the world. i never went out or i never joined a club because i was so self conscience of what people would thing of me. but if you are in the same situation do not stop doing what you love because of something on you face. because it will be the biggest mistake you will ever make.

now lets fast forward two years time. and the one on my face still hadn’t gone and by now it was the summer holidays and i was a 2 weeks away from being in year 8. and i just couldn’t bear it anymore. my mom started asking me either she should try and pop it. and i always said no because i knew the consequences. A scar. yes so that would meant that the spot would be gone but i would have a scar for the rest of my life. she would always comment that i could cover it up with makeup. but i still refused. Finally my mom had enough and she took me to the pharmisey to see if they could sort it. so we went and they gave me some medication. what i had to do was get a big off fluff and put some magnesium sulphate on it and then stick it on my face and put some special collotype on it. at first i was really exited because i was thinking this was my chance to be free of this stupid virus. so we did what he said but wanted to where it outside the house. i did it once and i felt all my confidence coming back to me. but then i released that you could not just cover something up and expect that to be that. then two weeks later it was my last day in the summer holidays and everything was going down. my mom had persuaded me to join a club. i said i would give it a try because i knew the person who ran the club and i just really wanted to give it a try. but on the same day my auntie came round with my cousins and they wanted to invite us to play a game of foot golf ( basically you kick a ball into a big golf hole) so me my mom and brothers when with them. i had my little thing on my face but my mom told me to try some tea tree oil on it aswell i said ok because there hadn’t been a single change since we started putting on the magnesium sulphate. so we finished the golf and my auntie mom and 1 cousin ( girl , 14 )  were talking about popping my virus i was with my other cousin and brother because there was wasps other that and i am terrified of wasps ( i was in a wasp attack ) so my brother an my cousin were trying to do the bottle flip and then my cousin capped it. so we were shouting like idiots when my mom called me other and told me to take of the sellotape. i was nervous at first but i agreed and peeled it of. then my mom pulled a face and said magnesium sulphate and tea tree oil don’t go together. by that point i was freaking out and i pulled out my phone and checked my face on the camera. the part that had the plaster on was really blotchy and red!!! you might think that it wasn’t that bad but that blaster took up at las have my cheek so now that half was red. so then my auntie asked if she could pop it with an needle ( btw needles are my biggest fear. but the wasps were close to that spot). i didn’t know what to say. but then they all said that they would rather pop it so in the end they persuaded me. so we when back home to pop it.

also i forgot to mention that in about 3 hours was my club and i would be the youngest there and i had a red cheek. ( great) so i was super nervous as. ( i am still doing the club to this day:)

  1. I hated needles
  2. I was worrying about getting a scar.

well there was blood, sweat and a few tears but we popped it. we all thought that was the end of it but no. it can back because we didn’t eliminate the white bit in the middle. so me and my mom tried to pop it every week and one week i tried my self and i manage to get the white head out. it took some time and healing but it did in the end turn into a scar 😦

now lets come back to the present. i sill have the scar on my face but we are trying ways to resolve it. my mom bought some bio-oil and already i can see the difference. so if you have this problem or a smililar problem then i need to tell you being self conscience wouldn’t get you anywhere. people might look at you widely or pick on you but you have to stay strong and try think about the positives. you all might be sat there thinking but Breeze there is simply no positives to this and i have to say that you are right but the people around you will help you get through.

I always wonder why me , Why did it have to be me and not someone else. And the reason being is that god choose you to have this and the reason he choose you is because he knows that you can handle it. there would be people there that might kill themselves or got crazy because they have a mark or spot on there face. that is why god choose us he knew that we will get around it one way or another. it might be a barrier but there is all ways a way through.

so yes that i one of the many problems that i have in my life. i don’t know why it got all inspirational but it did and i like it. if any of you have the same problem i as do then comment down below and we can talk through it together. Also like and follow to see deeper into my life. thanks for who ever read this post. but i need to go now and what mlp ( my little pony) i know i am old but the 4 movie is out and i need to see it know 🙂 BYE:)

Breeze Fawn x


Basically My Soul Was Taken Away !!!

this is a quick blog post because i am so bored and my mom has taken my electronics away 😦 i will tell you the story about that but i will get to that in a second.

i can’t believe this is happing but there have been 4 ( yes 4) views on my blog. i can’t actually believe it. some people might be sitting there laughing because they get like 1000. but i don’t actually care. if you are out there thanks so much

well back to the main story. my sad life. my mom can’t take my electronics away it is basically like taking away my soul ( i am being serious) but this hole story stared at my dinner table. we were eating some chicken bacon meal. that wasn’t to bad. and i was talking about my math test saying that i got the hardest question right ( plz be proud of me) and one of my brothers Finley said that if i got the hardest question on the test right then i would have gotten the hole test right. and i repeated back that i didn’t get the whole test right i got 23 out of 30 but i got the hardest question right. we said that wasn’t possible. then he left the table as he had finished. i am a slow eater so i was still eating. my mom was doing the washing up at this time because she was waiting for my other brother but she could still hear the whole conversation.

then my other brother Conner came in. he came in late because he was on his xbox one and he was finishing his game with his friends. ( you might be thinking that he had a very long game but my brother Finley is the quickest eater in the whole word) well he came to the table and started eating his meal. at this point my mom came over and started eating the meal aswell. and me and my brother were talking and we some how had an argument because i was talking to him about english and he started rolling his eyes so i got a bit mad. and finally we made up and i was talking to Conner again. then my mom started to talk over me. I said something and she stopped but after about 5 minuets she was doing it again. by this point i was pretty frustrated. i said, and i quote ‘ mom please stop talking over me it is a little bit rude.’ but i couldn’t even finish the sentence as she said ‘don’t listen to her Conner’ by now i was fuming so i turned to her and said you all don’t have any respect for me. but instead of saying so she slapped me right in the face and told me to got to my room. i might be over reacting but all these arguments stared by people not listing to me. then in the morning she said that she was expecting an apologey. when she said that i just turned away in anger. she was trying to make me apologise when it was her being rude to me and then she slapped me. she was just thinking about herself and not about my feelings. but in the end I said that i think i diserve a apologey but i will be the bigger person and apologise. and she apologised to so i am ok now. but oh i forgot to tell you guys that she took my phone and ipad away from me and she still hasnt given them back so i actully shouldnt be righting on this blog but i have finished my homework and she thinks that i am still doing my homework .

so at the end of the day i am electronicless and i am quite mad. but i have a feeling that you guys might be wondering where waas my dad through out all of this and my dad is at work. he leaves early in the morning and comes back late at night. i have a whole lot to tell you about him but i will save that for later otherwise we will be hear for hours and i did say at the start that this will be short and sweet but now i am realising that this blog post is a big lengthy.

well that is it for me. if you have any advice for me on this or if you want me to give you any advice than just comment down below and i will be happy to listen. also if you have any ideas on how i can improve this blog then i will be very gratefull to hear that aswell. also please like and follow me to get some updates on my very crazy life. also you can cheak out my other blogs post aswell. BYE 🙂

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Ideas ????

we i knew this would be harder than i expected. because no body has seen my first blog post. i don’t mind thought. i would ask my friends to check it out but i really want this blog to be personal and i wouldn’t mention anyones names i this blog because then if my friends find out they might be mad. so like i said before this blog will be totally honest.

anyway lets get down to the point. the title for this blog post is ideas?  well this is the dilemma i am in. it is my birthday soon and it would be my thirteenth and i would like to have a party as i haven’t had on since i was ten. but the problem is i don’t have many friends.  well by that i mean i have friends but i am not in a friend group i like to bounce. i do have a main best friend we will call her Luna. she is my true best friend but she is a bit crazy at times so here you will hear a lot about her. back to the point. i could have a small party with luna or have a big party with my friends but i don’t know what to do. well thats not true. i do know what i would like to do but it is difficult. for my birthday party i would like to get the bus to the metro centre and go to Nandos and watch a movie at Vue and come back independently. but the troubles are :

will my parents let me go??

who would i invite??

i was thinking about inviting my crush but idk what to do because i invite one boy i properly have to invite some other boys otherwise it would look suspicious. you may be wondering what this boys and is and i can’t tell you but this is his code name here on BreezeFawn  is…….. Garry. yes yes i know that Garry isn’t the most amazing name but the boy i like has a name beginning with G and so will all the people i write about. ( by that i mean there code name would start with the letter of there real name) just like my best friend Luna.

well that is it from me. if you have any ideas for birthday party ideas then comment down below. also if you have any ideas for me to improve my blog i will be happy to listen also i would love to hear about your blogs so comment down below saying READ ME 🙂 if you want me to read your blogs. Please follow for more updates on my crazy life and also like it would be very appreciated. thats it from me. BYE 🙂

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where do i begin? well hi this is me Breeze Fawn so welcome to my mad life. I will use this blog to sear my life with you. all the things i say in my blog are true. well as true as they need to be. i am in middle school and i am not one of the popular people. i have had many difficulties with friends, family and just life in general. sometime i just want to curl up in a hole and…. just die. yes so my life isn’t as bad as the people who are starving in Africa but i am just saying that my life isn’t a walk in the park either. you might be able to relate to a lot of stuff i post on this blog or maybe you could give me tips. i just wanted to do this blog as a secret life where i can tell people that don’t know me the difficulties that i am having. also my spelling isn’t top notch so yer. but i am just going to go with the flow and post wherever and when ever. anyway i have to go and do some stupid geography homework (yay) but i would like to know if you have seen, liked or absolutley hatted this first blog post. ( i don’t mind) so please comment down below and you can also ask me any questions about my blog post. SO…… anyway welcome to my crazy life. BYE 🙂

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