Hi !!

so it has been 2 months since I have last talked to you ( by you I mean the computer) I haven’t blogged in ages. and I would like to say that I will keep blogging. I thought I was going to quit but the reason I stared this blog was to put a smile on someones face. I didn’t do it for money or fame I did it because I really wanted to make people smile. well that hasn’t happened…. yet. well that is technically not true. so I really was going to quit so I came on her to delete all my post but suddenly I was reading them and after 5 minuets I realised that I reached my goal. I had put a smile on someones face…and that was me. I was reading though the blogs thinking that I did it. it is nice to see what 2016 Breeze was like. it was just really nice and from now on I am going to try to blog to creat memories for myself for the future. it would be good to have a bit of evidenct that I actually was a child because I litraly have nothing. I just wanted to put this post up to have another post up. next time it will be a real story or something. it wont be me apologising. 🙂 that’s all from me at the minuet BYE 🙂

Breeze Fawn x


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