do I ever post???

ok I never and I mean never post because I like to save them half way through and after a week I will come back but then I wouldn’t be feeling the blog so it will just sit there in my drafts for like a few days. so at this rate I post a blog post a month but guys there is good new for Christmas I got my own laptop !!!! so hopefully I will get more blog post up instead of procrastination and only every posting once a month. so I got this snazzy laptop and it is really cool it is gold and can flip round so I can be a Tv and it is also touch screen.( my parents really pushed the boat out this year) so hopefully I can blog more but I am not making any promises. so this is just going to be a very small blog post just telling you guys that I am still alive. it has to be quick as I am going into town with my friends in like an hour and I am not dressed and have not had my lunch yet. so I just want to say there is going to be a lot of blog posts coming soon ( hopefully) so just check like once a month 🙂 BYE:)

Breeze Fawn x


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