Christmas Light Chaos

woop woop!!! yasss it is this time of the year. Christmas!!!!!!! now i can listen to christmas song and not sing them in class and look stupid. so now i have got my excitement out i know i haven’t blogged in like forever ( 18 days to be exact ) but please for give me school is stupid and just annoying. like why teach pythagorus, pie and triganomatry if you are not going to use them ever in your life again ( well the only exception is math teachers ) but yes school is sucky. plus the teachers in my middle school are the most bias people u will ever meet but enough said. the christmas countdown has begun and every one is posting vlogmas. now i thought of doing blogmas ( i don’t know if that a thing it came to my head a few days ago.) i know i have lots of crazy stories but i know i wouldn’t commit to it so i just thought doing a blog once a week is good enough 🙂

but it is nearly christmas and that is what we are going to talk about today. so i know everyone is meant to be really happy at christmas but i need to address coming to the entire world. EVERYONE SHOULD PUT UP CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. like if you don’t put up christmas light then u are a grinch. it is basically going trick or treating on halloween but not putting out any candy. like if you don’t do christmas then thats ok but if you receive presents and eat a christmas dinner than you should put up christmas light. i have a neighbour who has the most amazing christmas lights in the world that cost a lot of $$$$ and they are amazing. they are just gold and they have them coating there house and every bush and tree they own. it is really a sight to see but then next door they have no christmas lights what so ever and it it like NO.

so i have Christmas lights but they are not the most impressive thing in the world but lights are lights. so i think if everyone puts up christmas light to sow there appreciation than

  1. it would look like they actually care

so what i mean by WINTER WONDERLAND is when u watch movies and the whole town is lit up with christmas lights you just sit there and think ” thats what my town is going to look like” well sorry to bust your bubble but in reality it is the complete opposite. it is properly just you and one crazy neighbour and then the rich kids down the lane that have christmas light.

so that was just one of my Christmas blogs. so u can hope for many more. also can we just add thank u for doing 24 days of Zoella, Zoella. It is soooo good. anyway that is it from me follow if you want to hear more about my crazy life:) BYE!!!!!

Breeze Fawn x


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