nearly a teenager

so u have guessed it!!! i am nearly a teenager. by nearly i mean less than 6 hours nearly. it is quite exiting to be saying thirteen i can now finally add the teen to my age. i have been nearly been alive for fourteen years. ( ok you might be confused but we all were zero we didn’t just start at one so round form 0 to 13 and u will get fourteen.) i am going to have to change my bio on instagram and my snapchat has given me a birthday cake next to my name. if this isn’t “the life” then i don’t know what is !!!

so lets get real. i am nearly thirteen but that hasn’t changed anything. when people reach a landmark in there life they would be treated like an adult but this morning my mom took my electronics away from me because i said and i quote ” you never get me a proper birthday present and u always expect me to get myself it. you never put any effort into it. so we will have to see what happens 😐


ok so i am now blogging a few days after i started because i hadn’t finished but i didn’t wasn’t to start a new blog as this one wasn’t really finished but yes i am now a teenager yay !!!! so my parents actually got me a present but it wasn’t the best they got me but it is the thought that counts so yer. but i had an ok birthday i went to a running competition and it went ok i came 1st in my race and 3rd overall and we also had a mcdonalds with is the best fast food place ( sorry kfc lovers ) but can i just say that burger king is the worst it is just a rubbish mcdonalds like for the kids meals they have to rank cheese burgers and mcdonalds have one amazing, beautiful , snazzy cheese burger. see ma point !! that is it for now but i think i might tell u what i got for my birthday because i love seeing the on youtube. BYE :}

Breeze Fawn x



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