keep on smiling :)

for most of my life i have always wanted to help people but now i think that i need people to help me. lately i haven’t been posting much but that doesn’t really matter as nobody reads my blog. i think that i blog just so i can look back on this and see how my life was. but at the minuet i don’t feel like i can belong any where the real world is just sometimes to cruel and i just want to move away to another universe where everyone is happy. but that i a hard thing to ask when i am not happy myself.

i am different, i can communicate well and i have trouble making friends and i have more trouble keeping them. right now i really want to move schools as i find it hard to fit in. but it is really the same every where. but to a happier not it is my birthday soon i am not sure what day or how many days but it is soon. i don’t think that my mom and dad would remember because they are not being me a gift. because my mom has asked my once if i would go shopping with her to find some clothes that i like but this happened last year they don’t put any effort into it and they seem like it is a chore but it is not my responsibility to buy my own birthday gift if only they put some care into it they i would love it but every year they just hand me some money and a random card. when it is my brothers birthday it is a whole different story they always get them something big like a season ticket to a football team they like are an xbox the thought is always there with them but obviously not me. but i keep on smiling because i am lucky enough to.

thats it from me and from now on i would need to say stuff like comment or follow because nobody reads my blog but i couldn’t blame them as i can’t figure out how to get a picture for my logo. 😉 BYE

Breeze Fawn x


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