New Room !!!

hi guys 🙂

so if you have seen by the title of this blog then you have properly guessed that i am getting a new room so this is where the story begins.

so we have a spare room in our house so the spare room is the biggest then my mom and dads then my brother and then mine and finally my other brother has the smallest room known to humanity. so as we are all getting older me and my brother fight on who will get the biggest room. and then my mom said that if my brother conner moves form the small room to my room then i can get the big room. of course i was all for that idea but Finley was a bit mad but my mom was actually taking my side for once and saying if you got the room that wouldn’t be fair since conner is your twin it wouldn’t be fair if u have the room an then she also that that i was older. so we all agreed that i would get the room 🙂

so i think this month i am moving in but the problem is that i don’t know what i want my room to look like because when i first moved into my house my family basically chose my room for me and i was really annoyed as it was pink and i hated pink ( i still do ) so now the pressure is on me to pick a room that i would like. also i forgot to mention that i am a perfectionist so if i don’t like something i would properly break it or cry. so i have been thinking about it and i think i want someone very tumblr and just to be me. so now every time i watch youtube i scroll through tumblr room ideas hoping to find something that interests me but that actual room is not the problem it is the color steam that i want my room. i don’t know weather to get colors because i think that if i get lets say a blue i wouldn’t like it in properly a few years and i would have wished that i choose black, grey or white.  so i am not sure yet .

so that is the end of my little blog post. this was a very short one. well comment if you have any ideas on what color i could use in my room. Like and follow for more updates on my crazy life journey. BYE 🙂

Breeze Fawn x


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