School Is Just Two Much !!!

hi guys

today i am going to be telling a story that happened yesterday at school. it happened with my form teacher but she also teaches R.E

so the story starts that in R.E we are going to be doing a group project. this project is going to be about good people. so the teacher will randomly select a good person for you. our group got nelson Mandela. so over the corse of 4 weeks we had to do a bit of homework on our good person and this is where i should of noticed that my team was going to be rubbish and not take anything seriously.

so we came in and the teacher said bring out your homework. so on the table in front of me was my amazingly typed 2 pages of information about nelson Mandela. i had put time and effort into this homework so i was exited to see what the other people had brought. so the first person hadn’t actually done it so that was a great start. the second person wrote it on the bus as they were looking on there phone for information frantically and the final person had done the homework but just 10 lines and i was there with two pages of a4 paper and the size font was on 14 so i didn’t do massive writing. but as i am old happy me i didn’t even give a second thought that our finished presentation would be horrible. and i would like to add that luna is in this story and she was the person that typed it on the bus. i know that i shouldn’t be shading my best friend but is is quite smart like she is in the top sets ( so am I) so i expected more form her. now that I am thinking about it we have a presentation about india and she also typed that out on the bus as well. but i forgot to mention that this was a group effort so even if one person was outstanding they would still get a bad mark because there group let them down. i really didn’t want that to happen to be but the i started realising the truth as every week it was the same old, same old.

so around 3 week till we were presenting we had been assigned a job my was to make a leaflet. and every one else was to make a poster. i had hope that at least one poster would look half decent. so i was slaving away making my leaflet that was 4 pages and was coloured in rainbow and it included a front cover, fun facts, timeline, and poem. and this was all coloured in and i tried my hardest.

so the day of the presentation and i was so exited because i had worked so hard and i wanted everyone to see my work. so the finished product from everyone was 2 people made the worst posters ever and they did them at school they didn’t even bring them home to work on them and then luna wrote some stupid things on the bus that were notes just notes that were all messy. so i was the only one trying to set up as the others frantically tried to fix there mess. so when the time limit ended we weren’t ready so we had to stay in break. but that wasn’t the thing that got me annoyed. it was that my teacher gave us a 2 for r ( 2 out of 10) and not to be modest but my leaflet was the best by far from all the teams so that was great.

so then we come back and we are in my teachers class and she said your presentation looked like it was done this morning. i was so annoyed because i was working on my leaflet for 3 weeks. YES 3 WEEKS. and she had the nerve to say that i did this that morning. so i told my mom and she was really mad so she phoned her.

so that next day she told me to come over to her desk and i was like what have i done now !! so she told me that this was just a team effort to see how well you work in a team. she was just being really nice and i knew that she was lying through her teeth. she was only saying that so i told my mom that every thing was fine. 😦

so that is my experience with teachers. it is so great. so i haven’t been blogging as i have school and homework and now that i am in year 8 i have at least 7 pieces of homework a week. ( which in my mind is ridiculous as we have a weekend to get away from school) but anyway please comment if you had any troubles teachers and if u have any advice on how i can improve my blog. Like and Follow if you want to hear anymore crazy stories. BYE!! 🙂

Breeze Fawn x


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