Sorry !!!

so this is not really a blog post ( well technically it is but..) i just need to talk about as you can see i haven’t been posting for a while. i have just forgotten. but that ok as people  don’t actually see my blog. but i have just been doing many different things. so i will have more blog posts up but they also might be a bit decade as school i going to start in a few days. ( also i would like to mention that we had a teacher training day and the school decided it was a good idea to have the it on Friday instead of Monday which was halloween!!!) but yay school 😐

so first i got my hair cut and i had it cut short. by short i mean just below my shoulder. like that not short but it 3 inches cut of which is 7.5 cm. so thats a lot. i mean my hair looks so good down but as i started thinking about it more i can tie my hair up becasue it is to short. well i can tie it up but bits will hang down. even though there are many ways to solve the problem Eg: Hairspray, bobby pin, low pony tail and so forth. i had a mental break down. i mean crying hysterically. i know, i know. that was stupid but now i realise that i over react on small things. so know i love my hair but next time i wouldn’t go this short. if you have any hair tricks for hair like mine then plz tell me because i need help.

so now lets get back to the blog. this has taken me forever to write because i have just been very distracted. but any way writing my story might be a little harder than i though so i am properly going to put that on hold and start posting then soon but i just want to get the start of the story right because i have had many different ideas and i just want to make it really good so yer that will be going on soon.

but on a happier note ITS NEARLY HALLOWEEN AND MY BIRTHDAY AND CHRISTMAS. these are my top 3 favourite occasions ever. ( i know i misted out easter but halloween involves chocolate and sweets not just chocolate) but YAY!!!!! this is my most favourite time of the year. it is just so amazing. another plus is that we get an extra hour of sleep which we all defiantly need 🙂

so that is the end of my not blog post 🙂 so if you have any advice on how i could improve my blog then please comment down below. like and follow for more updates on my super crazy life. also like for halloween and sleeping 🙂 BYE !! 🙂

Breeze Fawn x




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