How To Survive Friend Dramas !!

Ok i am going to start and say that i am sorry that i haven’t blogged in a while but i am working on the start of my story. i know what happens but i have got many options on how to start it so I will properly have the first chapter put up around halloween.

so today i am going to talk about a friend experience that i have had during the summer holidays. the summer is a long time ago but i just felt like it is a good thing to talk about because someone might have the same problem.

lets start of saying that i have no got really any friends. well i have got friends but i wouldn’t invite them round to my house friends. if you know what i mean. i do have a best friend you know luna but she sometime she is really different and she normally acts like she is practically an adult.

It starts with my friends talking about going to the beach. i thought nothing of it because the people talking about it were my friends but they weren’t in my friend group. then after a while i heard them saying that Luna was really nice for planing it. then my ears started to prick up. Luna was my best friend and she hadn’t invited me. i didn’t want to panic she might ask me to go. then the days started to slip away then i released that i wouldn’t be invited. i was ok about it though because i though 4 people were going. so i had nothing to worry about.

then the day before i was on my snapchat. and i was looking through everyones story. i saw that most of my friends had Cant wait for the beach tomorrow!!!! then i started to worry there was 12 people that had posted that. ( three of those people were going by themselves) but 9 people was a lot. then the day came. all over Instagram all my friends were posting about the beach day and they didn’t invite me.and two of the people were in a different friend group and my best friend decided to invite them instead of me. I still haven’t talked to them about it and i really want an explanation on why they didn’t invite me. i kept telling myself that they just forgot me but is that really the case.

so that was my story but before i go i am going to give you some tips on how to get through these things.

The first thing is to avoid social media at all costs. i mean don’t keep stalking your friends no matter how bad you want to know whats going on because that will just make the matter worse as you will only get wound up about it.

now to get your mind of it do something you like. maybe do some colouring in. you might think that that is lame but it is really fun. or maybe you could go into town with someone. i when with my brothers and i wants that bad. i thought that i was going to have to baby sit them but we had fun and i got my mind of them.

curl up, get snacks and watch a movie!!! it is a real time waister and it don’t have to be a movie you could just binge watch a show that you have been missing. also you could make a hot chocolate my special way. here is the recipe

you will need :

hot chocolate power


a mug

and a microwave.

all you do is put 3 heaped table spoons of hot chocolate power in a mug. then put a drop of milk in the mug and give it a stur. then fill it up with the rest of the milk. after that put it in the microwave for 60 seconds. after that sprinkle on some marshmallows. wait for the marshmallows to melt and there you have it. your own hot chocolate !!!!

so thats the end of the blog. if you found anything relatable please comment down below and if you have any ways that i could improve my blog then comment as well because i would be happy to hear. like and follow if you want to hear more updates on my crazy life… BYE 🙂

Breeze Fawn x


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