My Obsessions!!!

hi guys!!! i didn’t want to start writing my story because i have hurt my wrist and i can’t write a whole chapter yet but today i am going to be talking about my obsessions.

i am a really weird person and i get obsessed with things and that it that. then i can’t forget them. like i am obsessed with anime and i have just have started watching it. also i am obsessed with a book series and now i can’t read it with out crying. so i am going to tell you all my obsessions as i am bored and hurt my wrist playing a game.

so my first obsession is a game on my brothers xbox. yes, yes i know that xboxes our for boys but my brother Finley asked if i could play with him on this game. i had no idea what the game was but i was bored and just said yes. so he game me the controller and said we are playing black ops 3, zombies. i said ok i have played black ops 2, ages ago and it was ok. so the moment that we joined the game i seemed to know every gun and thing in the entire map. and then i was obsessed. i play it every day and today i played it for a total for 4 hours as my brother were watching a football match. so i am really obsessed with that.

the next stupid thing that i am obsessed with if my coffee. you might be think in that a young girl should not be drinking coffee but i have been obsessed with coffee for at least 2 years now and i have never looked back. i am so obsessed that instead of using a mug i actually use a travel mug as it can contain more coffee than a mug. as i am writing this i have my amazing travel mug next to me now. and i can’t go a day without it. now that i am thinking about it, it might be a little bit bad but as i don’t drink fizzy drinks i should survive.

now i am going to talk about my anime obsession. it properly started 3 weeks ago. the causes of my obsession are

1. DanIsNotOnFire

2. Pokemon Go

yes they are stupid reasons to be obsessed but i am going to explain why. DanIsNotOnFire is how i heard of anime. i haven’t actually watched any of his videos untill an anime on. but is was on my suggested bar on youtube and i couldn’t resided. And Pokemon Go introduced me to pokemon and i watched like a few episodes and i realised that it was anime and then i was just searching up different anime and i found two of the best animes

No Game, No Life

A Certain Scientific Railgun.

No Game,No Life is so funny and so good but i got onto episode 12 and realised that there were no other episode so i nearly cried but that got me searching animes. And as i was watching Noodlerella. and the suggested bar strikes again leading me to one of her videos about her favourite anime girls and Kuroko Shirai. was on this list and she talked about her  being a badass teleporter and that really hooked me so i googled her name and that lead me to A Certain Scientific Railgun. i have already said how amazing the anime is so i don’t need to say it any more times.

now my final obsession is about a book series and it it called Gone by Micheal Grant. so this is problem the most stressful thing i have ever had to deal with so yer even wright this is making me feel sick.  so it all starts with loads of people in my class are reading this book including my best friend Luna. i didn’t think anything of it but as people we going onto different books of the series i stared to be interested. so i bought the bulk of 6 books. that was a bad idea as i fell in love with a character ( not like love as in bf/gf. I mean i became so obsessed that i would read the book all night to get to a part with this charater in.) This person is called Brianna AKA Brianna The Breeze. that also explains my name BreezeFawn. so lets get into some detail. but before i go into it I will say DONT read on because there will be some spoilers. so if you want to read the book DONT go on.

well i read the books and i got really intense. the books our about some children that get stuck under a dome. they have no adults and everyone just dissapeared except people that were under 15. so people started developing special powers and stuff. so lets skip to the end of the book series. my favourite character dies. yes she dies she was the most badass person that you would ever meet and i just felt like we had a special connection becasue we we so similar. we were similar becasue. her power was super speed and not to brag but i do run for the county. also she was my age and has the exact and i mean exact personality as mine. so when i heared that she died i almost cried and when i read the part in the book i did cry and i cried for what seemed years and not i actually can’t read the books again becasue i will either cry, or have a panic attack. ( i was sooo obsessed) .

so i found out by this boy in my class had the same lesson as well as my friend Saffy. so we all just had science and went to get our bags and i was talking to Saffy and then he went to get his bag. and said ” you know that Brianna dies. she reminds me of you, u know”. i was about to go and punch him because i hadn’t gone to that part yet. but if you guys haven’t read the books then i highly recommend it also it was said that they would be made into a tv series so if that does happen i will have it recored every time it is one.

anyway that was all my obsessions. well except my obsession about cats but cats are beautiful sexy creatures so nothing more has to be said. so if you can relate to any of these obsessions then comment down below. and if you have any tips on how i could improve my blog then comment down below as well. Like and follow if you want to hear more about my crazy life. Also before i go i need to say that i have wrote so much that my wrist dent hurt anymore so YAY. BYE 🙂

Breeze Fawn x



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