Wasp Attack!!

Hi guys. so today i am going to tell you about my horrible wasp attack. but before i start i am going to stay that i have come up with an idea and i will tell you this at the end of the blog.

so i all happend around 2013. that was a long time ago but i don’t care. also note that i was around 9 so it was scary for me and my brothers were there they were properly 7 i think or 8. but it all starts with me an my brothers wanting to check our den in the woods.

so i am going to break this story down for you guys because it is slightly complicated. anyway. we have a woods directly at the back of our house. it is my house, the fence to our house, then the woods. so as me and my brother were very adventurous children always used to explore in the woods. there was so many things to discover when you were 9. we had stream walks in this stream down in the sewers. i know that that sound rank but it was actually really fun. we also found water falls and a big dirt hill that was great for sliding down. we also went into the farmers fields that was behind the forest. it was all a big adventure.

so in the woods there was a little clearing about 2 minuets away form our house. it was so beautiful. so we decided to build a wigwam. ( a wigwam is a den built out of sticks.) so we built a wigwam. it was so cool and we decorated it with leaves. so it was our base camp in the wood and where ever we went we would always retreat back to there.

so one day it was just about to be our dinner and we asked ( me and my brother) if we could go check on our den. my mom said ok but just a quick check. so me and my brother ran and pulled on our wellys ( welington boots) and raced for the den. when we were there i grabbed a branch that was on the floor and started sweeping the inside of our den to get rid of all the leaves and tiny twigs. then i turned around to see my bothers with sticks. i called what were they doing. then i noticed. there were a few wasps flying around. ( at this age we didn’t know that wasps could hurt you or even kill you if you were allergic.) my brothers posted to a little hole in the ground and i saw wasp poring out. ( i am not joking they were poring out the hole in the ground. my brothers stared to try to hit them with sticks ( bad ideas) i told then no but they wouldn’t listen.

so i am there sweeping away not a care in the world. then i hear this shriek of pain. i turn around to see my brother on the ground crying. they were being attacked. i stood there for a split second becasue i didn’t know what to do. but then i ran over to my closest brother and started hitting him trying to get the wasps away. that didn’t do much except then to come at me. ( i am a quick thinker at timed like this) so through tears i dragged my brothers ( i mean drag) the down the hill. and i was screaming run, run!!!! so i pushed then over a log. and we took off running. we were all still being stung at this point but i was surprised that i hadn’t actually cried. i remember clearly that we were running and a wasp stung my nose and i was about to cry then the i said to myself ” no” i really didn’t want to worry my brothers. i can remember turning around and seeing a bunch of wasp surrounding our den.

finally we were at home and the wasp had stopped sting us but we knew they were still there. we all ran past the door bell and straight into the back door. i was screaming MUM DAD HELP. they ran to use and my brother were still crying at this moment. i was frantically trying to say what happend in one sentence. so they took of my brothers clothes to check if there was any wasps and actually there was 4 wasp in total that were stuck in my brothers clothing. so my mom rushed them up to the shower. while my dad cheaked me. i was telling him the whole story. i didn’t have to take of my clothes because they were tight fit and a wasp couldn’t get up there. but there was one in my hair. i did freak out then and i stared to ball my eyes out. because it wasn’t a stated of action or anything and i didnt have to be brave anyone.

Our grand total wasp sting count is

Me : 3, one on my back, one on my nose, and one in my ear ( there was also a wasps stinger in there aswell)

Finley : 6 , there was two on his back, three on his arm and one on his neck.

Conner : 7, two on his head, three on his back , one on his arm, and one on his leg.

so i didn’t suffer that bad because i only had had 3 but also my stings just left a little mark. on the other hand my brother had the mark then a green ring around it. i don’t know what that means but they were ok. I like to think that i saved there life because there wasn’t so many wasp at the start but why i was dragging them away there were like 100s. i am not joking. so they might have swarmed around them and killed them if i wasn’t there to drag them away because i grabbed there shirts and pulled them across the ground.

But anyway that is my story of how i was attacked by wasps. ( this was all true i didn’t make up one bit of it) so at the start i mention that i wanted to start something new for my blog. so there is this anime called A Certain Scientific Railgun and let me tell you that it is so amazing. it is about people that have magic powers and fight crime. and i was thinking that i have always dreamed about this place with magical powers and stuff and i thought that i would like to share it with you. That doesn’t mean that i will stop blogging because i am not. it means that if i feel like posting a chapter of my story then i will. they will be in chapters and i will always leave then in a good place and not just post random sentences. so the titles will be Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and so on. so if you come to read my story then they will be the titles. i will give a hint away form the story and it is that the main character is a girl and her power is called the Generator. so that will keep you guys busy until i post the first chapter.

Anyway that was that. comment down below if you liked this blog post or if you have any advice if you have any advice on how i could improve my blog. also comment down below if you like my story idea or have seen A Certain Scientific Railgun because it is totally awesome. Like and follow if you want to hear more crazy stories about my life. BYE 🙂

Breeze Fawn x


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