Changing The World!!

so yer people are not seeing my blog. that doesn’t matter thought. this (hopefully) will be the shortest blog post ever but i am not promising anything. this blog was going to be about my dreaded wasp attack but i will do that next time beaches i have someone to say to you all that see this blog post. i am going to tell you why i have started a blog.

the reason that i started a blog was that i have had some hard times with friends and family but another reason that i stared a blog is that i have always wanted to change the world and make a difference in someone lives. that has always been my goal in life. some people want to get married and some want a amazing job but i have always wanted to make a difference in someones life. you all might think that i am crazy but i am not.

i wanted to start a youtube account but i didn’t was people to like me on why i look like. i wanted to be a mystery. all these stories are true but i didn’t want people to no my identity. So thats why i wanted to start a blog!!! i can’t actually believe that this blog post isn’t over 1000 words.

so comment down below if you want to talk to me or if you want to give me any advice on how to improve my blog i will be very thankful. Also like and subscribe to be a part of my crazy life!!! BYE 🙂

Breeze Fawn x


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