A Little Rant

hi guys 🙂

this blog post is going to be a rant about a family member. and he is my dad. in my blogs i haven’t really mentiond him and that for one reason. i not to fond on him. yes, yes i know that he is my father but he is not the nicest in the bunch. he likes to yell and just be very difficult and is really rude. you might think that i am making this stuff up but i swear that i am not.

me and my mom sometime talk about him and all the things he has done. my mom said that she would have left him a long time ago but she says that she needs the money otherwise we would have to move into our grandparents house and have to attend a different school and that we wont have nice things and that stuff. you might thing that is kinda bad but my mom is doing this for us.

sometimes i think that it is not his fault because his dad ( my grandad) is a whole different story. but then i realise that he could have changed to be a nicer person but he stayed the same.  that a scary thing to think about because i don’t want to turn into him or my grandad but i do get quite angry sometimes and have to leave the room before i yell or attack.

his is one of the many reasons that he is sometimes and idiot. i was doing some school work on the computer and i tried to print some pictures. they printed but when i got to look at then there was some lines going through the paper. they were like different colours and they looked weird. i tried to colour the lines in with pencils but it looked really bad and wouldn’t have been enough for my presentation. so i went down stairs and asked my dad if he knew what had happened. he didn’t so he went up stairs to try to fix it. i followed him and went on the family laptop ( i haven’t got one yet but it is my Birthday soon 🙂  but i stared to google what had happened. then after a while i remembered that when i was about to go on the computer that the printer was jammed with some paper and it had smudges of jet black inc. so i told my dad that. he huffed but i knew that it wasn’t me. because i haven’t used the printer in like a week. i stared to google what happened and i found out what happened. when the printer had jammed the inc had goten on to the things that the inc come out of. i told him what had happened. but he wouldn’t listen so i went down stairs after a while my dad came down. he had given up for a while. then he started talking about how the sprinter got jammed in the first place. my mom brothers and dad where out at football so my dad started accusing me saying that it must have just happend but magic then i no one would own up. and he stared directly at me. then i said that i haven’t even been on the computer for a week. then my dad said the he went on last night. i asked my brothers and they said the hadn’t been on for a few days. and my mom doesn’t use the computer she uses the laptop. so by conclusion my dad must have broke the computer. my mom started to defend me but my dad agued back. then my mom said the we all don’t know what happend to the printer so lets all just calm down. and my dad made a mimiking face. i got so mad that i had to storm out the room.

so that my story about my dad. there are many more stories i could tell but that would be overdoing it a little bit. anyway please comment down below if you relate to anything or if you want to give me any advice on how i could improve my blog i would appreciate that alot. if you want to hear some more crazy stories then like and follow please!! BYE:)

Breeze Fawn x


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