There Is Always A Way Through !!

so blogging is now my addiction. i have the feeling that i need to blog all the time. when i first stared i really thought that i would blog once a week. but now i just want to get everything out.

Today i am going to blog about something that is really personal and some people might be in the same problem that i was in and still slightly in.

the story started at the beginning of year 6 ( 2 years ago) when i notes i had a spot on my shoulder. I didn’t really think much about it because i thought that i would go away in a few weeks. but it didn’t. finally i told my mom and she said that we would google it. at first we thought it was a skin tag and the internet said to put some tea tree oil on it. we did as it said but after a few weeks some more had started to come and one of then when on my cheek. off all the places!!! if you know what a skin tag is then you know they are not easy to cover up. i was really upset and very self conscience so my mom took me to the doctors about 4-5 months after the first one had appeared. when we were there the doctors said that they were not skin tag. i actually had a virus called molluscum contagiosum and they said that they would go on there own. well they were wrong. all the spots went expect the one on my face (lucky me). it has always be hard because i was always wondering weither my friends sill liked me? And if you are in the same situation i and going to tell the truth. Your friends still like you but they will look at you and all they will see is the spot on your face. but that is no reason to be down. i made the biggest mistake in the world. i never went out or i never joined a club because i was so self conscience of what people would thing of me. but if you are in the same situation do not stop doing what you love because of something on you face. because it will be the biggest mistake you will ever make.

now lets fast forward two years time. and the one on my face still hadn’t gone and by now it was the summer holidays and i was a 2 weeks away from being in year 8. and i just couldn’t bear it anymore. my mom started asking me either she should try and pop it. and i always said no because i knew the consequences. A scar. yes so that would meant that the spot would be gone but i would have a scar for the rest of my life. she would always comment that i could cover it up with makeup. but i still refused. Finally my mom had enough and she took me to the pharmisey to see if they could sort it. so we went and they gave me some medication. what i had to do was get a big off fluff and put some magnesium sulphate on it and then stick it on my face and put some special collotype on it. at first i was really exited because i was thinking this was my chance to be free of this stupid virus. so we did what he said but wanted to where it outside the house. i did it once and i felt all my confidence coming back to me. but then i released that you could not just cover something up and expect that to be that. then two weeks later it was my last day in the summer holidays and everything was going down. my mom had persuaded me to join a club. i said i would give it a try because i knew the person who ran the club and i just really wanted to give it a try. but on the same day my auntie came round with my cousins and they wanted to invite us to play a game of foot golf ( basically you kick a ball into a big golf hole) so me my mom and brothers when with them. i had my little thing on my face but my mom told me to try some tea tree oil on it aswell i said ok because there hadn’t been a single change since we started putting on the magnesium sulphate. so we finished the golf and my auntie mom and 1 cousin ( girl , 14 )  were talking about popping my virus i was with my other cousin and brother because there was wasps other that and i am terrified of wasps ( i was in a wasp attack ) so my brother an my cousin were trying to do the bottle flip and then my cousin capped it. so we were shouting like idiots when my mom called me other and told me to take of the sellotape. i was nervous at first but i agreed and peeled it of. then my mom pulled a face and said magnesium sulphate and tea tree oil don’t go together. by that point i was freaking out and i pulled out my phone and checked my face on the camera. the part that had the plaster on was really blotchy and red!!! you might think that it wasn’t that bad but that blaster took up at las have my cheek so now that half was red. so then my auntie asked if she could pop it with an needle ( btw needles are my biggest fear. but the wasps were close to that spot). i didn’t know what to say. but then they all said that they would rather pop it so in the end they persuaded me. so we when back home to pop it.

also i forgot to mention that in about 3 hours was my club and i would be the youngest there and i had a red cheek. ( great) so i was super nervous as. ( i am still doing the club to this day:)

  1. I hated needles
  2. I was worrying about getting a scar.

well there was blood, sweat and a few tears but we popped it. we all thought that was the end of it but no. it can back because we didn’t eliminate the white bit in the middle. so me and my mom tried to pop it every week and one week i tried my self and i manage to get the white head out. it took some time and healing but it did in the end turn into a scar 😦

now lets come back to the present. i sill have the scar on my face but we are trying ways to resolve it. my mom bought some bio-oil and already i can see the difference. so if you have this problem or a smililar problem then i need to tell you being self conscience wouldn’t get you anywhere. people might look at you widely or pick on you but you have to stay strong and try think about the positives. you all might be sat there thinking but Breeze there is simply no positives to this and i have to say that you are right but the people around you will help you get through.

I always wonder why me , Why did it have to be me and not someone else. And the reason being is that god choose you to have this and the reason he choose you is because he knows that you can handle it. there would be people there that might kill themselves or got crazy because they have a mark or spot on there face. that is why god choose us he knew that we will get around it one way or another. it might be a barrier but there is all ways a way through.

so yes that i one of the many problems that i have in my life. i don’t know why it got all inspirational but it did and i like it. if any of you have the same problem i as do then comment down below and we can talk through it together. Also like and follow to see deeper into my life. thanks for who ever read this post. but i need to go now and what mlp ( my little pony) i know i am old but the 4 movie is out and i need to see it know 🙂 BYE:)

Breeze Fawn x



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