She Said I Had What !!!!

Well two blogs in a day is very interesting. as i don’t have any electronics i am so bored. so basically all i did today was play on my brother Xbox and watch tv. because i am so fit and healthy. this is only a small blog to update you on my soul. It has kinda come back??

it begins with me tidying my room. i am like the laziest person you will ever meet so when my mom asked me to tidy my room i wasn’t so thrilled. but there i one way that i can motivate myself to tidy my room and that is having a competition against myself. the way it works is i have to tidy my room in under 5 minuets. 5 minuets is a lot of time but i always have things thrown everywhere. so i said to my mom ‘ mom please can i have my phone back so i can use the timer so i can do my tidy room competition.’ the only thing i heard was some draws opening and she came into my room bearing my phone in her hands. so i said thanks mom and then she replied with. i think you might have a little bit of autism. my face when blank. i turned around and said what does that mean. i really thought she was saying that as a joke but my mom is a teaching assistant and can tell when people have disabilities. so she started saying that using timers is wat autistic children do. and she also mention my lack of fresh air was another key point.  so i did go down stairs and i cried for about 2 minuets but then stopped.

so that the end of that but anyway she forgot to take my phone so i have that under my bed. also she has seem to have forgotten the fact that i do have a copy of the exact same for ( will tell that story in a different blog) the phone that i don’t use is broken but there are no marks. so if she figures it out i can just slip the fake phone into my cat case and give it to her. then i will have my phone back and she wouldn’t expect a thing. the only problem is that if she tries to turn it on idk what will happen but if she asks then i know that she snoops on my phone so i can change the password 🙂

that’s the end of my short story. please comment down below any advice on how i can improve my blogs and check out my previous blog post . like and follow so you can have more updates on my crazy life. Also THANKS if you have seen this short post:) BYE 🙂

Breeze Fawn x


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