Basically My Soul Was Taken Away !!!

this is a quick blog post because i am so bored and my mom has taken my electronics away 😦 i will tell you the story about that but i will get to that in a second.

i can’t believe this is happing but there have been 4 ( yes 4) views on my blog. i can’t actually believe it. some people might be sitting there laughing because they get like 1000. but i don’t actually care. if you are out there thanks so much

well back to the main story. my sad life. my mom can’t take my electronics away it is basically like taking away my soul ( i am being serious) but this hole story stared at my dinner table. we were eating some chicken bacon meal. that wasn’t to bad. and i was talking about my math test saying that i got the hardest question right ( plz be proud of me) and one of my brothers Finley said that if i got the hardest question on the test right then i would have gotten the hole test right. and i repeated back that i didn’t get the whole test right i got 23 out of 30 but i got the hardest question right. we said that wasn’t possible. then he left the table as he had finished. i am a slow eater so i was still eating. my mom was doing the washing up at this time because she was waiting for my other brother but she could still hear the whole conversation.

then my other brother Conner came in. he came in late because he was on his xbox one and he was finishing his game with his friends. ( you might be thinking that he had a very long game but my brother Finley is the quickest eater in the whole word) well he came to the table and started eating his meal. at this point my mom came over and started eating the meal aswell. and me and my brother were talking and we some how had an argument because i was talking to him about english and he started rolling his eyes so i got a bit mad. and finally we made up and i was talking to Conner again. then my mom started to talk over me. I said something and she stopped but after about 5 minuets she was doing it again. by this point i was pretty frustrated. i said, and i quote ‘ mom please stop talking over me it is a little bit rude.’ but i couldn’t even finish the sentence as she said ‘don’t listen to her Conner’ by now i was fuming so i turned to her and said you all don’t have any respect for me. but instead of saying so she slapped me right in the face and told me to got to my room. i might be over reacting but all these arguments stared by people not listing to me. then in the morning she said that she was expecting an apologey. when she said that i just turned away in anger. she was trying to make me apologise when it was her being rude to me and then she slapped me. she was just thinking about herself and not about my feelings. but in the end I said that i think i diserve a apologey but i will be the bigger person and apologise. and she apologised to so i am ok now. but oh i forgot to tell you guys that she took my phone and ipad away from me and she still hasnt given them back so i actully shouldnt be righting on this blog but i have finished my homework and she thinks that i am still doing my homework .

so at the end of the day i am electronicless and i am quite mad. but i have a feeling that you guys might be wondering where waas my dad through out all of this and my dad is at work. he leaves early in the morning and comes back late at night. i have a whole lot to tell you about him but i will save that for later otherwise we will be hear for hours and i did say at the start that this will be short and sweet but now i am realising that this blog post is a big lengthy.

well that is it for me. if you have any advice for me on this or if you want me to give you any advice than just comment down below and i will be happy to listen. also if you have any ideas on how i can improve this blog then i will be very gratefull to hear that aswell. also please like and follow me to get some updates on my very crazy life. also you can cheak out my other blogs post aswell. BYE 🙂

Breeze Fawn x


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