Ideas ????

we i knew this would be harder than i expected. because no body has seen my first blog post. i don’t mind thought. i would ask my friends to check it out but i really want this blog to be personal and i wouldn’t mention anyones names i this blog because then if my friends find out they might be mad. so like i said before this blog will be totally honest.

anyway lets get down to the point. the title for this blog post is ideas?  well this is the dilemma i am in. it is my birthday soon and it would be my thirteenth and i would like to have a party as i haven’t had on since i was ten. but the problem is i don’t have many friends.  well by that i mean i have friends but i am not in a friend group i like to bounce. i do have a main best friend we will call her Luna. she is my true best friend but she is a bit crazy at times so here you will hear a lot about her. back to the point. i could have a small party with luna or have a big party with my friends but i don’t know what to do. well thats not true. i do know what i would like to do but it is difficult. for my birthday party i would like to get the bus to the metro centre and go to Nandos and watch a movie at Vue and come back independently. but the troubles are :

will my parents let me go??

who would i invite??

i was thinking about inviting my crush but idk what to do because i invite one boy i properly have to invite some other boys otherwise it would look suspicious. you may be wondering what this boys and is and i can’t tell you but this is his code name here on BreezeFawn  is…….. Garry. yes yes i know that Garry isn’t the most amazing name but the boy i like has a name beginning with G and so will all the people i write about. ( by that i mean there code name would start with the letter of there real name) just like my best friend Luna.

well that is it from me. if you have any ideas for birthday party ideas then comment down below. also if you have any ideas for me to improve my blog i will be happy to listen also i would love to hear about your blogs so comment down below saying READ ME 🙂 if you want me to read your blogs. Please follow for more updates on my crazy life and also like it would be very appreciated. thats it from me. BYE 🙂

Breeze Fawn x


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