where do i begin? well hi this is me Breeze Fawn so welcome to my mad life. I will use this blog to sear my life with you. all the things i say in my blog are true. well as true as they need to be. i am in middle school and i am not one of the popular people. i have had many difficulties with friends, family and just life in general. sometime i just want to curl up in a hole and…. just die. yes so my life isn’t as bad as the people who are starving in Africa but i am just saying that my life isn’t a walk in the park either. you might be able to relate to a lot of stuff i post on this blog or maybe you could give me tips. i just wanted to do this blog as a secret life where i can tell people that don’t know me the difficulties that i am having. also my spelling isn’t top notch so yer. but i am just going to go with the flow and post wherever and when ever. anyway i have to go and do some stupid geography homework (yay) but i would like to know if you have seen, liked or absolutley hatted this first blog post. ( i don’t mind) so please comment down below and you can also ask me any questions about my blog post. SO…… anyway welcome to my crazy life. BYE 🙂

Breeze Fawn x


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