Hi !!

so it has been 2 months since I have last talked to you ( by you I mean the computer) I haven’t blogged in ages. and I would like to say that I will keep blogging. I thought I was going to quit but the reason I stared this blog was to put a smile on someones face. I didn’t do it for money or fame I did it because I really wanted to make people smile. well that hasn’t happened…. yet. well that is technically not true. so I really was going to quit so I came on her to delete all my post but suddenly I was reading them and after 5 minuets I realised that I reached my goal. I had put a smile on someones face…and that was me. I was reading though the blogs thinking that I did it. it is nice to see what 2016 Breeze was like. it was just really nice and from now on I am going to try to blog to creat memories for myself for the future. it would be good to have a bit of evidenct that I actually was a child because I litraly have nothing. I just wanted to put this post up to have another post up. next time it will be a real story or something. it wont be me apologising. πŸ™‚ that’s all from me at the minuet BYE πŸ™‚

Breeze Fawn x

do I ever post???

ok I never and I mean never post because I like to save them half way through and after a week I will come back but then I wouldn’t be feeling the blog so it will just sit there in my drafts for like a few days. so at this rate I post a blog post a month but guys there is good new for Christmas I got my own laptop !!!! so hopefully I will get more blog post up instead of procrastination and only every posting once a month. so I got this snazzy laptop and it is really cool it is gold and can flip round so I can be a Tv and it is also touch screen.( my parents really pushed the boat out this year) so hopefully I can blog more but I am not making any promises. so this is just going to be a very small blog post just telling you guys that I am still alive. it has to be quick as I am going into town with my friends in like an hour and I am not dressed and have not had my lunch yet. so I just want to say there is going to be a lot of blog posts coming soon ( hopefully) so just check like once a month πŸ™‚ BYE:)

Breeze Fawn x

Christmas Light Chaos

woop woop!!! yasss it is this time of the year. Christmas!!!!!!! now i can listen to christmas song and not sing them in class and look stupid. so now i have got my excitement out i know i haven’t blogged in like forever ( 18 days to be exact ) but please for give me school is stupid and just annoying. like why teach pythagorus, pie and triganomatry if you are not going to use them ever in your life again ( well the only exception is math teachers ) but yes school is sucky. plus the teachers in my middle school are the most bias people u will ever meet but enough said. the christmas countdown has begun and every one is posting vlogmas. now i thought of doing blogmas ( i don’t know if that a thing it came to my head a few days ago.) i know i have lots of crazy stories but i know i wouldn’t commit to it so i just thought doing a blog once a week is good enough πŸ™‚

but it is nearly christmas and that is what we are going to talk about today. so i know everyone is meant to be really happy at christmas but i need to address coming to the entire world. EVERYONE SHOULD PUT UP CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. like if you don’t put up christmas light then u are a grinch. it is basically going trick or treating on halloween but not putting out any candy. like if you don’t do christmas then thats ok but if you receive presents and eat a christmas dinner than you should put up christmas light. i have a neighbour who has the most amazing christmas lights in the world that cost a lot of $$$$ and they are amazing. they are just gold and they have them coating there house and every bush and tree they own. it is really a sight to see but then next door they have no christmas lights what so ever and it it like NO.

so i have Christmas lights but they are not the most impressive thing in the world but lights are lights. so i think if everyone puts up christmas light to sow there appreciation than

  1. it would look like they actually care

so what i mean by WINTER WONDERLAND is when u watch movies and the whole town is lit up with christmas lights you just sit there and think ” thats what my town is going to look like” well sorry to bust your bubble but in reality it is the complete opposite. it is properly just you and one crazy neighbour and then the rich kids down the lane that have christmas light.

so that was just one of my Christmas blogs. so u can hope for many more. also can we just add thank u for doing 24 days of Zoella, Zoella. It is soooo good. anyway that is it from me follow if you want to hear more about my crazy life:) BYE!!!!!

Breeze Fawn x

nearly a teenager

so u have guessed it!!! i am nearly a teenager. by nearly i mean less than 6 hours nearly. it is quite exiting to be saying thirteenΒ i can now finally add the teen to my age. i have been nearly been alive for fourteen years. ( ok you might be confused but we all were zero we didn’t just start at one so round form 0 to 13 and u will get fourteen.) i am going to have to change my bio on instagram and my snapchat has given me a birthday cake next to my name. if this isn’t “the life” then i don’t know what is !!!

so lets get real. i am nearly thirteen but that hasn’t changed anything. when people reach a landmark in there life they would be treated like an adult but this morning my mom took my electronics away from me because i said and i quote ” you never get me a proper birthday present and u always expect me to get myself it. you never put any effort into it. so we will have to see what happens 😐


ok so i am now blogging a few days after i started because i hadn’t finished but i didn’t wasn’t to start a new blog as this one wasn’t really finished but yes i am now a teenager yay !!!! so my parents actually got me a present but it wasn’t the best they got me but it is the thought that counts so yer. but i had an ok birthday i went to a running competition and it went ok i came 1st in my race and 3rd overall and we also had a mcdonalds with is the best fast food place ( sorry kfc lovers ) but can i just say that burger king is the worst it is just a rubbish mcdonalds like for the kids meals they have to rank cheese burgers and mcdonalds have one amazing, beautiful , snazzy cheese burger. see ma point !! that is it for now but i think i might tell u what i got for my birthday because i love seeing the on youtube. BYE :}

Breeze Fawn x


keep on smiling :)

for most of my life i have always wanted to help people but now i think that i need people to help me. lately i haven’t been posting much but that doesn’t really matter as nobody reads my blog. i think that i blog just so i can look back on this and see how my life was. but at the minuet i don’t feel like i can belong any where the real world is just sometimes to cruel and i just want to move away to another universe where everyone is happy. but that i a hard thing to ask when i am not happy myself.

i am different, i can communicate well and i have trouble making friends and i have more trouble keeping them. right now i really want to move schools as i find it hard to fit in. but it is really the same every where. but to a happier not it is my birthday soon i am not sure what day or how many days but it is soon. i don’t think that my mom and dad would remember because they are not being me a gift. because my mom has asked my once if i would go shopping with her to find some clothes that i like but this happened last year they don’t put any effort into it and they seem like it is a chore but it is not my responsibility to buy my own birthday gift if only they put some care into it they i would love it but every year they just hand me some money and a random card. when it is my brothers birthday it is a whole different story they always get them something big like a season ticket to a football team they like are an xbox the thought is always there with them but obviously not me. but i keep on smiling because i am lucky enough to.

thats it from me and from now on i would need to say stuff like comment or follow because nobody reads my blog but i couldn’t blame them as i can’t figure out how to get a picture for my logo. πŸ˜‰ BYE

Breeze Fawn x

New Room !!!

hi guys πŸ™‚

so if you have seen by the title of this blog then you have properly guessed that i am getting a new room so this is where the story begins.

so we have a spare room in our house so the spare room is the biggest then my mom and dads then my brother and then mine and finally my other brother has the smallest room known to humanity. so as we are all getting older me and my brother fight on who will get the biggest room. and then my mom said that if my brother conner moves form the small room to my room then i can get the big room. of course i was all for that idea but Finley was a bit mad but my mom was actually taking my side for once and saying if you got the room that wouldn’t be fair since conner is your twin it wouldn’t be fair if u have the room an then she also that that i was older. so we all agreed that i would get the room πŸ™‚

so i think this month i am moving in but the problem is that i don’t know what i want my room to look like because when i first moved into my house my family basically chose my room for me and i was really annoyed as it was pink and i hated pink ( i still do ) so now the pressure is on me to pick a room that i would like. also i forgot to mention that i am a perfectionist so if i don’t like something i would properly break it or cry. so i have been thinking about it and i think i want someone very tumblr and just to be me. so now every time i watch youtube i scroll through tumblr room ideas hoping to find something that interests me but that actual room is not the problem it is the color steam that i want my room. i don’t know weather to get colors because i think that if i get lets say a blue i wouldn’t like it in properly a few years and i would have wished that i choose black, grey or white. Β so i am not sure yet .

so that is the end of my little blog post. this was a very short one. well comment if you have any ideas on what color i could use in my room. Like and follow for more updates on my crazy life journey. BYE πŸ™‚

Breeze Fawn x

School Is Just Two Much !!!

hi guys

today i am going to be telling a story that happened yesterday at school. it happened with my form teacher but she also teaches R.E

so the story starts that in R.E we are going to be doing a group project. this project is going to be about good people. so the teacher will randomly select a good person for you. our group got nelson Mandela. so over the corse of 4 weeks we had to do a bit of homework on our good person and this is where i should of noticed that my team was going to be rubbish and not take anything seriously.

so we came in and the teacher said bring out your homework. so on the table in front of me was my amazingly typed 2 pages of information about nelson Mandela. i had put time and effort into this homework so i was exited to see what the other people had brought. so the first person hadn’t actually done it so that was a great start. the second person wrote it on the bus as they were looking on there phone for information frantically and the final person had done the homework but just 10 lines and i was there with two pages of a4 paper and the size font was on 14 so i didn’t do massive writing. but as i am old happy me i didn’t even give a second thought that our finished presentation would be horrible. and i would like to add that luna is in this story and she was the person that typed it on the bus. i know that i shouldn’t be shading my best friend but is is quite smart like she is in the top sets ( so am I) so i expected more form her. now that I am thinking about it we have a presentation about india and she also typed that out on the bus as well. but i forgot to mention that this was a group effort so even if one person was outstanding they would still get a bad mark because there group let them down. i really didn’t want that to happen to be but the i started realising the truth as every week it was the same old, same old.

so around 3 week till we were presenting we had been assigned a job my was to make a leaflet. and every one else was to make a poster. i had hope that at least one poster would look half decent. so i was slaving away making my leaflet that was 4 pages and was coloured in rainbow and it included a front cover, fun facts, timeline, and poem. and this was all coloured in and i tried my hardest.

so the day of the presentation and i was so exited because i had worked so hard and i wanted everyone to see my work. so the finished product from everyone was 2 people made the worst posters ever and they did them at school they didn’t even bring them home to work on them and then luna wrote some stupid things on the bus that were notes just notes that were all messy. so i was the only one trying to set up as the others frantically tried to fix there mess. so when the time limit ended we weren’t ready so we had to stay in break. but that wasn’t the thing that got me annoyed. it was that my teacher gave us a 2 for rΒ ( 2 out of 10) and not to be modest but my leaflet was the best by far from all the teams so that was great.

so then we come back and we are in my teachers class and she said your presentation looked like it was done this morning. i was so annoyed because i was working on my leaflet for 3 weeks. YES 3 WEEKS. and she had the nerve to say that i did this that morning. so i told my mom and she was really mad so she phoned her.

so that next day she told me to come over to her desk and i was like what have i done now !! so she told me that this was just a team effort to see how well you work in a team. she was just being really nice and i knew that she was lying through her teeth. she was only saying that so i told my mom that every thing was fine. 😦

so that is my experience with teachers. it is so great. so i haven’t been blogging as i have school and homework and now that i am in year 8 i have at least 7 pieces of homework a week. ( which in my mind is ridiculous as we have a weekend to get away from school) but anyway please comment if you had any troubles teachers and if u have any advice on how i can improve my blog. Like and Follow if you want to hear anymore crazy stories. BYE!! πŸ™‚

Breeze Fawn x

Sorry !!!

so this is not really a blog post ( well technically it is but..) i just need to talk about stuff.so as you can see i haven’t been posting for a while. i have just forgotten. but that ok as people Β don’t actually see my blog. but i have just been doing many different things. so i will have more blog posts up but they also might be a bit decade as school i going to start in a few days. ( also i would like to mention that we had a teacher training day and the school decided it was a good idea to have the it on Friday instead of Monday which was halloween!!!) but yay school 😐

so first i got my hair cut and i had it cut short. by short i mean just below my shoulder. like that not short but it 3 inches cut of which is 7.5 cm. so thats a lot. i mean my hair looks so good down but as i started thinking about it more i can tie my hair up becasue it is to short. well i can tie it up but bits will hang down. even though there are many ways to solve the problem Eg: Hairspray, bobby pin, low pony tail and so forth. i had a mental break down. i mean crying hysterically. i know, i know. that was stupid but now i realise that i over react on small things. so know i love my hair but next time i wouldn’t go this short. if you have any hair tricks for hair like mine then plz tell me because i need help.

so now lets get back to the blog. this has taken me forever to write because i have just been very distracted. but any way writing my story might be a little harder than i though so i am properly going to put that on hold and start posting then soon but i just want to get the start of the story right becauseΒ i have had many different ideas and i just want to make it really good so yer that will be going on soon.

but on a happier note ITS NEARLY HALLOWEEN AND MY BIRTHDAY AND CHRISTMAS. these are my top 3 favourite occasions ever. ( i know i misted out easter but halloween involves chocolate and sweets not just chocolate) but YAY!!!!! this is my most favourite time of the year. it is just so amazing. another plus is that we get an extra hour of sleep which we all defiantly needΒ πŸ™‚

so that is the end of my not blog post πŸ™‚ so if you have any advice on how i could improve my blog then please comment down below. like and follow for more updates on my super crazy life. also like for halloween and sleeping πŸ™‚ BYE !! πŸ™‚

Breeze Fawn x



How To Survive Friend Dramas !!

Ok i am going to start and say that i am sorry that i haven’t blogged in a while but i am working on the start of my story. i know what happens but i have got many options on how to start it so I will properly have the first chapter put up around halloween.

so today i am going to talk about a friend experience that i have had during the summer holidays. the summer is a long time ago but i just felt like it is a good thing to talk about because someone might have the same problem.

lets start of saying that i have no got really any friends. well i have got friends but i wouldn’t invite them round to my house friends. if you know what i mean. i do have a best friend you know luna but she sometime she is really different and she normally acts like she is practically an adult.

It starts with my friends talking about going to the beach. i thought nothing of it because the people talking about it were my friends but they weren’t in my friend group. then after a while i heard them saying that Luna was really nice for planing it. then my ears started to prick up. Luna was my best friend and she hadn’t invited me. i didn’t want to panic she might ask me to go. then the days started to slip away then i released that i wouldn’t be invited. i was ok about it though because i though 4 people were going. so i had nothing to worry about.

then the day before i was on my snapchat. and i was looking through everyones story. i saw that most of my friends had Cant wait for the beach tomorrow!!!! then i started to worry there was 12 people that had posted that. ( three of those people were going by themselves) but 9 people was a lot. then the day came. all over Instagram all my friends were posting about the beach day and they didn’t invite me.and two of the people were in a different friend group and my best friend decided to invite them instead of me. I still haven’t talked to them about it and i really want an explanation on why they didn’t invite me. i kept telling myself that they just forgot me but is that really the case.

so that was my story but before i go i am going to give you some tips on how to get through these things.

The first thing is to avoid social media at all costs. i mean don’t keep stalking your friends no matter how bad you want to know whats going on because that will just make the matter worse as you will only get wound up about it.

now to get your mind of it do something you like. maybe do some colouring in. you might think that that is lame but it is really fun. or maybe you could go into town with someone. i when with my brothers and i wants that bad. i thought that i was going to have to baby sit them but we had fun and i got my mind of them.

curl up, get snacks and watch a movie!!! it is a real time waister and it don’t have to be a movie you could just binge watch a show that you have been missing. also you could make a hot chocolate my special way. here is the recipe

you will need :

hot chocolate power


a mug

and a microwave.

all you do is put 3 heaped table spoons of hot chocolate power in a mug. then put a drop of milk in the mug and give it a stur. then fill it up with the rest of the milk. after that put it in the microwave for 60 seconds. after that sprinkle on some marshmallows. wait for the marshmallows to melt and there you have it. your own hot chocolate !!!!

so thats the end of the blog. if you found anything relatable please comment down below and if you have any ways that i could improve my blog then comment as well because i would be happy to hear. like and follow if you want to hear more updates on my crazy life… BYE πŸ™‚

Breeze Fawn x

My Obsessions!!!

hi guys!!! i didn’t want to start writing my story because i have hurt my wrist and i can’t write a whole chapter yet but today i am going to be talking about my obsessions.

i am a really weird person and i get obsessed with things and that it that. then i can’t forget them. like i am obsessed with anime and i have just have started watching it. also i am obsessed with a book series and now i can’t read it with out crying. so i am going to tell you all my obsessions as i am bored and hurt my wrist playing a game.

so my first obsession is a game on my brothers xbox. yes, yes i know that xboxes our for boys but my brother Finley asked if i could play with him on this game. i had no idea what the game was but i was bored and just said yes. so he game me the controller and said we are playing black ops 3, zombies. i said ok i have played black ops 2, ages ago and it was ok. so the moment that we joined the game i seemed to know every gun and thing in the entire map. and then i was obsessed. i play it every day and today i played it for a total for 4 hours as my brother were watching a football match. so i am really obsessed with that.

the next stupid thing that i am obsessed with if my coffee. you might be think in that a young girl should not be drinking coffee but i have been obsessed with coffee for at least 2 years now and i have never looked back. i am so obsessed that instead of using a mug i actually use a travel mug as it can contain more coffee than a mug. as i am writing this i have my amazing travel mug next to me now. and i can’t go a day without it. now that i am thinking about it, it might be a little bit bad but as i don’t drink fizzy drinks i should survive.

now i am going to talk about my anime obsession. it properly started 3 weeks ago. the causes of my obsession are

1. DanIsNotOnFire

2. Pokemon Go

yes they are stupid reasons to be obsessed but i am going to explain why. DanIsNotOnFire is how i heard of anime. i haven’t actually watched any of his videos untill an anime on. but is was on my suggested bar on youtube and i couldn’t resided. And Pokemon Go introduced me to pokemon and i watched like a few episodes and i realised that it was anime and then i was just searching up different anime and i found two of the best animes

No Game, No Life

A Certain Scientific Railgun.

No Game,No Life is so funny and so good but i got onto episode 12 and realised that there were no other episode so i nearly cried but that got me searching animes. And as i was watching Noodlerella. and the suggested bar strikes again leading me to one of her videos about her favourite anime girls and Kuroko Shirai. was on this list and she talked about her Β being a badass teleporter and that really hooked me so i googled her name and that lead me to A Certain Scientific Railgun. i have already said how amazing the anime is so i don’t need to say it any more times.

now my final obsession is about a book series and it it called Gone by Micheal Grant. so this is problem the most stressful thing i have ever had to deal with so yer even wright this is making me feel sick. Β so it all starts with loads of people in my class are reading this book including my best friend Luna. i didn’t think anything of it but as people we going onto different books of the series i stared to be interested. so i bought the bulk of 6 books. that was a bad idea as i fell in love with a character ( not like love as in bf/gf. I mean i became so obsessed that i would read the book all night to get to a part with this charater in.) This person is called Brianna AKA Brianna The Breeze. that also explains my name BreezeFawn. so lets get into some detail. but before i go into it I will say DONT read on because there will be some spoilers. so if you want to read the book DONT go on.

well i read the books and i got really intense. the books our about some children that get stuck under a dome. they have no adults and everyone just dissapeared except people that were under 15. so people started developing special powers and stuff. so lets skip to the end of the book series. my favourite character dies. yes she dies she was the most badass person that you would ever meet and i just felt like we had a special connection becasue we we so similar. we were similar becasue. her power was super speed and not to brag but i do run for the county. also she was my age and has the exact and i mean exact personality as mine. so when i heared that she died i almost cried and when i read the part in the book i did cry and i cried for what seemed years and not i actually can’t read the books again becasue i will either cry, or have a panic attack. ( i was sooo obsessed) .

so i found out by this boy in my class had the same lesson as well as my friend Saffy. so we all just had science and went to get our bags and i was talking to Saffy and then he went to get his bag. and said ” you know that Brianna dies. she reminds me of you, u know”. i was about to go and punch him because i hadn’t gone to that part yet. but if you guys haven’t read the books then i highly recommend it also it was said that they would be made into a tv series so if that does happen i will have it recored every time it is one.

anyway that was all my obsessions. well except my obsession about cats but cats are beautiful sexy creatures so nothing more has to be said. so if you can relate to any of these obsessions then comment down below. and if you have any tips on how i could improve my blog then comment down below as well. Like and follow if you want to hear more about my crazy life. Also before i go i need to say that i have wrote so much that my wrist dent hurt anymore so YAY. BYE πŸ™‚

Breeze Fawn x